Tuesday, 26 April 2011

First ever post...

I've decided to set up this blog to document a few things and also as I hope I'm not too boring for a blog!

I thought I'd start by writing about what I've done in the last few days. I've read a couple of books whilst sat out in the sun and relaxing! The first book I read was the new book by Jo Carnegie called Dirty Tricks.

It was just as good as all of Jo Carnegie's other books. Its not a literary work of art but is enjoyable, trashy, raunchy fun! It was easy to read and I flew through it. The characters are likeable and I would thoroughly recommend it!

I've also read Michael McIntyre's autobiography, Life and Laughing.

I found it funny from beginning to end and now can't wait to see him on tour next year!!  (Damn you August 2012 for being so far away!) It was different from other comedy autobiographies that I have read in that although Michael didn't have a hugely privileged upbringing it was far from average (particularly seeing as his mums best friend was Kenny Everett!) I don't hold it against him however and particularly enjoyed the way he recalled his early life.

On Sunday I went to watch Jimmy Carr in the Wales Millennium Centre with Steve. He was so funny if a little on the edge ( Jimmy Carr, not Steve) and it was interesting as it was my first live experience of a comedian who relies on gags rather than just observational humour. I have to say I think I do prefer the observational stuff but I can still enjoy the more traditional styles of just telling gags.

I've got a long day ahead so I may post again if I think of anything exciting to say (I'm not sure how likely this is, it may just be me chatting on again!) I may also change the name of the blog but will have a little think!!

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