Thursday, 19 April 2012

Things I like and dislike this week

I haven't had the best of weeks this week and thought I would compile some lists for you of things I like and dislike (this will obviously be subject to change and more or less only relevant to this week).


  • Waiting lists
  • Paying £85 for a filling
  • Not being able to chew properly because my filling hasn't settled yet
  • Children (mainly the boy next door, but I'm sure there are other children I dislike)
  • Not being able to find what I want in the supermarket
  • Decorating (I don't want to do it myself)
  • Untidiness (this is a result of the decorating)
  • The fact that my two weeks off are nearly over
  • Poor service in restaurants
  • Buying a pack of Yum Yums and not finding out that they are apple flavour until I get home
  • Having about 46 million spots on my face when I normally don't get any
  • The smell of tea tree oil (for my spots)
  • It being so bloody cold


  • Books
  • The rain (this means that I will have less work to go back to, nobody wants a drought!)
  • Beetroot
  • Sue Townsend
  • Spending time with friends
  • Wine (it doesn't involve chewing)
  • A £30 voucher for a restaurant
  • Bruce (my cat)
  • My duvet
  • Steve (I suppose he should be on here!)
So that just about sums up the things I like and dislike this week. I think the dislikes outweigh the likes at the moment!

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