Sunday, 2 September 2012

My library - In pictures

It has been quite a while since I started blogging about how I was going to turn the smallest room in my house into a library/reading room. I have finally got around to taking some pictures of the room and my book shelves to show off!

Here it is for you all to look at!

My windowsill candles and beer bottles in the shape of buddhas!
These are my huge TBR piles and some reference books behind.

My hanging birdy thing
This is my very comfy reading chair and Paddington!
These are all of my J.K Rowling and Sue Townsend books with my Famous Five books up in the corner.

Some of my favourite books

My chick-lit shelf, including all of my Marian Keyes books.

Some more of my favourites and newer books

My collection of Beano and Dandy annuals and Steve's footy books.

Our autobiography shelf (and my piggy bank from when I was little!)

The murder mystery section!

Steve's collection of boy books!
 So that is my collection of books! I have another book case with cookery books and books from my childhood, but it is a little more messy than these.

I hope you enjoyed the insight into my little sanctuary!

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  1. This looks lovely and cosy! I think we're going to have to dedicate more of a room to books soon, they just start to take over don't they!! Love the my little pony on the chick lit shelf lol xx