Thursday, 10 January 2013

A healthier and happier 2013

So far in 2013 I haven't been feeling particularly great for a number of reasons, but this year I want to aim for a healthy and happy year!

I have put on some weight over the last couple of years, mainly due to moving into an office job where I don't get much opportunity to be active and am generally too tired and demotivated to do any exercise when I get home. I want to lose about half a stone to make me feel better about myself.

I am planning to do this not by drastically changing my eating habits as generally they are not too bad, but by introducing more exercise into my life and by making more informed choices.

I eat quite a lot of fresh food as due to food allergies it is easier for me to cook from scratch than to go down the ready meal or takeaway route. The main changes I need to make are to add more fresh fruit and veg to my diet and to keep an eye on my portion sizes when eating with my boyfriend.

Most importantly I MUST start doing some exercise! I never used to have to do any specific exercise as I previously had an extremely active job. As I get older and am now spending a lot of time sat at my desk I have found it difficult to find an exercise regime that inspires and motivates me. The few times I have managed to get myself in some sort of routine of trying to take up some sort of exercise, the routine has been ruined by illness or work pressures.

I know that if I exercise I will feel better about myself, it will raise my mood and it will make me look better, but I just can't motivate myself to do anything!

In the last week I have done sit ups on 3 occasions and have also done 30 minutes of step on the wii fit. I know it's not much, but it's a start. I have also downloaded the myfitnesspal app to record my eating habits and exercise so hopefully this will motivate me further to do something to lose that half stone and keep it off!

Are any of you doing anything special to make your life healthier and happier? Do you struggle to get motivated to exercise or get stuck in the vicious circle of not being able to force yourself to exercise due to a low mood?

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  1. hey there! well, i KNOW that you are teeny-tiny...but anyway...
    i've given up sugar and alcohol for a month to see how that feels and i am feeling more lively! i may continue it after jan... i know what you mean about getting motivated to do exercise... i love yoga and swimming and try and do those but go through phases of going to about 3 yoga classes a week for a few months and then nothing for ages.... i've been trying to go for walks in the park too but it get's dark so early!! good luck cute face!!