Thursday, 7 March 2013

Teapigs Liquorice and Peppermint

I was dubious about trying this one as I hate liquorice. Why get it then, I hear you ask. I ordered this tea as part of my selection box as I was intrigued by it and it also had some great reviews.

I've only just got into peppermint tea after a long time of trying the ones in hotels and really not liking them. I then found a peppermint tea in Waitrose when I embarked on my great flavoured tea adventure and found that I really liked it.

So I gave the Teapigs twist on the peppermint tea a go a few nights ago when I wanted a hot drink before bed. When I brewed it I could see the peppermint leaves and bits of liquorice root in the temple. I didn't think that it smelled particularly of liquorice, but more like a fresh peppermint tea.

After leaving a few minutes and taking the bag out I found that the liquid had gone dark, but with a hint of green around the edge. I left it to cool a little before trying, and was pleasantly surprised by the flavour when I did. At first it just tastes like a really good peppermint tea, but then you get a little sweet hit of an aniseedy type liquorice taste at the back of your mouth.

I really enjoyed the flavour and as a bonus found it soothing for my sore throat. I have already gone and bought a big pack of 15 temples from Waitrose after discovering that my local store stocks a few flavours!

I had a couple more minty ones in my selection box so will let you know how I get on with them.

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