Saturday, 22 October 2011

Winter is in the air

I've been on leave for the past few days after going to see Katy Perry in concert on Wednesday. I forgot to take my camera so the ones from my phone aren't too great. Also because I'm so short I couldn't see the stage too well so I've basically only got pics of the screens.
It's been so cold the last few days, particularly after our mini heatwave a few weeks ago and it's making me not want to get out of bed or go out! I just want to stay cwtched up indoors watching tv and reading!
I've signed up to the website and am finding that it is really inspiring me to read. Particularly as my friends don't read much so we can't share recommendations. My plan for the winter is to do lots of reading, drink lots of hot chocolate, eat lots of soup and get back into blogging! I haven't written a blog for months but I haven't been very well recently and really think it will help if I get back into it. Maybe even sharing day to day things will help me! I've downloaded an app for my phone so have no excuse!
Anyway, I'll stop being boring now! :)

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