Friday, 17 February 2012

Words of wonderment and a water update

Well, I thought last week was bad. I've been off baddy sick this week with what I thought was a virus, but was actually an infection so am feeling very sorry for myself!

I have spent the week reading, sleeping and watching crap TV. I have watched a lot of old sitcoms on Gold and have just watched a Carry On film, but I draw the line at anything with Noel Edwards. He's been out of favour with me since he stopped doing Noel's House Party. Although I am now watching Wedi 7, just because there is nothing else on and I can't be arsed to get up and put a DVD on (or make my lunch to be honest). Although I have just rediscovered the Welsh word for forward slash - blaen sleis. It always makes me giggle. Perhaps you have to be here though.

I have a couple of book reviews to publish, once I've had my lunch and Bruce stops trying to attack my Um Bongo (for vitamin C to make me feel better, although the antibiotics might do a better job).

One thing I have been thinking about from my sick bed (apart from how fed up I am!) is how many words there are out there that frankly don't get enough use in this day and age.

Canoodling being one. The words you hear being used these days are so much more vulgar and less innocent.

Hoot, as in he is a complete hoot. Noone uses hoot enough for my liking. I try to bring it back into conversation but it usually results in someone taking the piss out of me.

Kerfuffle. Why is this not used more? There are all sorts of kerfuffles happening these days. Like those riots last year where loads of kids broke into sports shops to get new daps. They caused a bit of a kerfuffle.

Wondorous. What wondorous weather we are having this fine day. What a fine and wondorous cover is upon that book. A fine and wondorous word indeed.

These are just a few of the underused words I can think of. Maybe we should just start using the less used words more rather than adding new ones to the dictionary. Maybe that would save the country some money on printing new dictionarys and signs. Maybe I will put this idea forward.

Anyway, I went off on a bit of a tangent there. I think it might be the cold getting to me. You might remember my water related issues of last week. Well they were solved when we found that the stop cock (yes I said it!) that was under our sink only seemed like it wasn't working for one reason. It was the wrong effing one!!! We have found that we have two stop cocks, one for the outside tap and one for the water supply to the house. So the reason the water wasn't going off when the "plumber" (who might as well have shouted yee-hah and rode off into the sunset on the back of his trusty steed) was turning the stopcock was that it was the wrong bloody one!! And the stupid twonk (another good word) didn't even think of testing it!!!

So, since this enlightening discovery of the correct stop cock which wasn't fully open, hence the pressure issues, we have had no heating. We have water, and indeed hot water, but no heating. And the bloody boiler is leaking. And our normal plumber is on holiday until Monday. So I have been half freezing to death, as well as suffering with my illness (noone can call me a drama queen) with only a convector heater and a grumpy cat to keep me warm.

But on the plus side I have read loads and am on the mend! Yay!! Anyway, enough of my ramblings (for now!) I am off to make some lunch and watch either Dudley ar Daith (the Welsh Gordon Ramsay, but with less effing and jeffing) or I might put a dvd on and carry on reading Rob Brydon's autobiography!!


  1. This has really made me laugh! I agree about the words, I have a few...
    How the Dickens are you? I often say this and every time, people just laugh!
    After reading Tudor novels, I like to now call breakfast 'breaking the fast' - "George my good man, have you broken your fast" lol!! Ok, I haven't actually asked him this yet, but I will tomorrow morning lol!

    1. Hehe this reminds me of when I worked in the living history museum. "How now good sir and from whence have you travelled this fine and wondorous day" Whence and wondorous aren't used enough. You should definitely ask George if he has broken his fast. And tell him to put his clothes away into the robe warder, for this will ward his robes and keep them from harm!

  2. Lol! Wondorous is one I am definately going to use, I like that. Tomorrow after I have made sure George has broken his fast, I will, what a fine and wondorous day, shall we be off to partake in a few alcoholic beverages at the pool side.
    A few weeks ago, we were into watching Spartacus, and I couldn't stop speaking like a Roman - 'to what end', 'for what purpose' 'gratitude' etc and it drove him mad..think me speaking like a Tudor might tip him over the edge haha!!

    1. I might even add wondorous to my list. It's a classic! When you go out into the sun you should say "The sun it shines on the righteous this fine day" I used to love saying that to people.

      I'll give you some tips on the tudor speaking! Lol.

  3. Ha! Ha! Great post! Really like all those words!! Love it when I use a word out of the ordinary and people look at me really stupidly. I used the word "propensity" in work today and people were impressed! Like it was a word from outer space.
    I love kerfuffle too.
    My favourite drinking terms are beverage and ale. "Fancy a few beverages this evening?" "I'm off to the pub for a few ales".
    I had no idea you are a Welsh speaker. Me too! I went to a Welsh school until I was 18. I hardly use it at all now though, and don't watch any S4C. Is that bad?

    1. Well a word with four syllables is pretty uncommon these days. If it was four letters which made up some sort of abbreviation you probably would have been understood better!

      Beverage is a good one. Particularly if you elongate the a so that it rhymes with large. Beverarge sounds much posher!!

      You're letting down the side again Mr Pitman on the Welsh speaking. You need to watch an episode of Dechrau Canu, Dechrau Canmol and then one of Fferm Ffactor and I might forgive you!

  4. hope you feel better soon and get back to canoodling.x

    1. Thank you Sian! Valentines day has been postponed to today so bring on the canoodling! x