Thursday, 17 November 2011

Crafty crafting

This afternoon I watched Kirstie's Handmade Britain for the first time. It has been on Channel 4 on a Wednesday night for the last few weeks but I haven't managed to catch an episode until now.

It is hosted by Kirstie Allsopp and shows all sorts of different crafts and she then enters competitions with what she has made. It has really inspired me to be more crafty and make things as this is something I enjoy doing and it really gives me a sense of achievement to see the finished product. I have recently posted a few times about the christmas cards I have made but am considering trying some other things.

I like baking so am going to try and do more of it. I am also tempted by things like jam and chutney making.

I am also quite tempted by some sort of needlecraft project as this could be something that I could undertake over a long period and would hopefully be very proud of what I made.

Any suggestions gratefully received!!

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