Sunday, 13 November 2011

Crap tv

I've always been partial to a bit of crap tv. I will literally watch anything about people, history, cats, monkeys and just random stuff. I have found that my penchant for crap tv has got worse since I've had to take some time off work, and have shocked myself that I have enjoyed it and don't mind who knows!!

I've always watched reality tv such as big brother and I'm a celeb (new series tonight woohoo!). And am a massive fan of come dine with me, coach trip and three in a bed. I also have a soft spot for don't tell the bride, young apprentice, young, dumb and living off mum.... the list is endless.

Since being off work I have started watching something I never thought I would...the only way is essex. I'm quite enjoying it and even have my favourite people and the ones I hate. I also sit shaking my head at the stupidity of them (for example, did you know that the moon and the sun are actually two different planets?) but still watch it! I've tried watching made in chelsea but I hated it. I think I'll stick to towie as my guilty pleasure!

I've also discovered a new programme called sorority girls on E4. I find it fascinating that there are girls like this in America who are so involved in their sorority and that it's a bit like a religion. Episode 2 is on next tuesday so I'm looking forward to that.

I hope all this crap tv isn't ruining my braincells and that intelligent people can watch reality tv too!

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