Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday shopping

I have spent the day today doing some xmas shopping with my other half and also cleaning the house. Exciting stuff!

We went and did a bit of shopping in Cardiff Bay and finally got ourselves a tidy set of cutlery ready for xmas dinner! After a late lunch of hot dogs we cleaned the house and I've made a beef and ale casserole which is now bubbling away nicely ready for tea!

I'm putting my xmas trimmings up next weekend so trying to figure out where everything will go. I'm also still reading the Night Circus. It's taking me a while because I've been so tired but I am enjoying it.


  1. Ooh shopping - love it :-) It can be tiring, I agree there. I spent my Saturday afternoon window-shopping whilst my other half was at the match (fortunately there is a shopping centre opposite Old Trafford so I can park up, he can go to the game and we are both happy bunnies!)

  2. I managed to drag my other half round with me so he could do some of his xmas shopping for his family and carry any heavy bags! :-) It was only a short trip though to the out of town shopping places. I can't face town at this time of year!!