Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Book Review: The Other Side of the Story

I'm a little late posting this but I finished reading The Other Side of the Story on the weekend.

I really enjoyed reading it and was really engrossed in the character's stories! It was based around 3 main characters and they all featured in the books in separate sections. I liked this as it was easier to keep track of each character and also was a bit like reading 3 books in one. I also liked that this book was a book about writing books and really inspired me as I'm starting my Creative Writing course in January (still need to mention about this!).

My favourite character was Gemma as she was the funniest and the person I could identify with the most.

I was a little disappointed with the ending as it was a little predictable but the book was tied up nicely at the end and you knew what everyones future would be. I would definitely recommend this book, especially to Marian Keyes fans!

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