Saturday, 28 January 2012

Book review: Horse Play

Horse Play

I've just finished reading the latest installment in Jo Carnegie's Churchminster series and enjoyed it, although I wouldn't say it was my favourite in the series.

It's another chick lit style bonkbuster (I love this term!) where we meet some new characters and get reunited with old friends in the village of Churchminster.

I like the fact that this series is so enjoyable and can be read at face value. And the fact that Heat magazine has described it as "the new SATC - Sex and the Countryside".

The new characters were fun, although I found this book a little harder to get into than the rest of the series, and at around 600 pages it was a tiny bit long for this type of book. But both minor things as I still enjoyed it and am looking forward to Jo Carnegie's next book (which I have read is set in a new village with new characters).

I would recommend this book to chick lit fans who don't mind books being a bit sexy (but don't worry, it's not a full on graphic Mills and Boon style novel!). In places it was hilariously funny and in others I had a tear in my eye. A good book for a bit of escapism from the normal day to day stuff!

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