Saturday, 21 January 2012

Book Review: The Red Garden

The Red Garden by Alice HoffmanI enjoyed this book, but also found it a little hard going.

It is really a collection of short stories which make up the history of a small town in the USA. They are best read in chronological order, as they are in the book but I suppose they could be read as stand alone short stories.

I think that the main reason I found it hard going was that I found it hard to keep up with all of the different characters and the references back to their ancestors. However, I thought it was well written and would read more by Alice Hoffman

My favourite part of the book was the beginning as I enjoyed reading about the town being founded and the historical aspects which reflected the hardships they faced. I don't think I didn't enjoy any of the stories, I just liked some more than others.

I also liked that there was a slight paranormal aspect to this book with the mention of ghosts in the town and I also liked how as the book went on, some of the earlier stories became part of the town's folklore and became a common link throughout the book.

I would recommend this book, although I would advise to take into account that the book is made up of short stories, rather than having one story throughout.

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