Thursday, 19 January 2012

Creative is as creative does

I started my creative writing course last night (hence my paraphrasing of Forrest Gump!) and I think it went quite well. I enjoyed the exercises I did and reading the front page of a few books to get an idea of what makes a good book.

Ok, I didn't actually contribute to any discussions, but I took a lot in and it definitely made me think. I felt a bit intimidated by the group I was in as some of the others were quite vocal and liked to use words that I didn't really understand. Also, we did a free-writing exercise and I thought I did ok by just writing the first things that came into my head (like we asked), but when we had to read some out, some people seemed like they were going for the Booker Prize on week one!

It's a ten week course which covers a different aspect of creative writing each week. I'm not looking forward to week 5. Poetry. I hate poetry and have no interest in writing it, so the exercise I get given that week may be interesting.

I also have to write a short story to be assessed. So maybe if I feel good about it at the end of the course I'll consider publishing it here on my blog.

The last few days I have been mad busy and have to go up to London tomorrow for work which is going to be pretty tiring. But on Saturday I am meeting my friend for some lunch in town and a bit of shopping, so that will be a nice change. I also need to write a job application, so will probably have to spend some time doing it on Sunday to make sure I meet the dealine. I will let you know how that goes!!

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  1. I hate poetry too! I really don't enjoy it when it pops up during lectures so boring and I never seem to understand what is being said haha!