Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ladies that lunch

Well my trip to London yesterday wasn't particularly exciting, although I did get to see Big Ben and walk through Parliament Square, and see a policeman with a very big gun!

Today has been very much more exciting though as I met my friend for some lunch and shopping in Cardiff and have had a loveley time.

We went to TGI Friday for food and decided to go all cosmopolitan and have some non-alcoholic cocktails to drink to feel like we were in Sex and the City. Although there were only two of us and we were in rainy old Cardiff. We had a brilliant waiter who presented us with a rose he had fashioned from a serviette.

He very much earned his tip, especially as he managed to wangle us a free dessert, which although we were full, we managed to find a little bit of room for!

By the time we had finished eating, I was convinced I would explode!! But I knew the best way to counteract all of the calories of the food (the cake had no calories as we didn't have to pay for it!) was to walk them off in the shops!

Town was rammed with people as there was some sort of pop concert planned with a band off X Factor (No Direction or something) so there were a lot of excitable screaming teenagers, who of course are my favourite type of people!

I didn't really get a lot, but it was nice to have a bit of a wander and a gossip with my friend and do a bit of window shopping!

I'm now home, still feeling pretty full and am wondering how late I can leave it before making a pie for tea!

I have a quick reading update, I have made a start on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but haven't really been able to concentrate on it to get into it, but I am also reading The Skeleton in the Closet by M.C. Beaton to have a bit of light reading even when I can't concentrate. I have a couple of book reviews to write too, so will post those when I am finished.

Tomorrow isn't going to be quite so exciting as I have my homework from creative writing to do and also a job application to finish, but these things must be done!

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  1. I love TGIF's! The cocktails are lush there especially the strawberry daquiris (all alcoholic of course!) and the chocolate fudge cake is my favourite. My friends and I went there for my 19th birthday and they gave me a free cake so yummy :)