Saturday, 10 December 2011

I pledge to read the printed word

read the printed word!I have taken the pledge!

Over the last few months I have been considering the benefits and disbenefits of a Kindle (or other reading device!) and have come to my final conclusion.

Give me a hard copy book any day!!

I'm not anti-Kindle at all. I can see the benefits of having one. For example, if you go away and you finish a book, you will have another one lined up on your "book shelf". I have noticed on Amazon that a lot of books are cheaper to buy electronically which I imagine is due to less resource being used to produce the book. I have also found out from other people that there are a lot of free books available and that it is a really good platform for self published authors. Another big bonus I see is that no-one can see what you are reading! This can be a good thing if you use public transport or read during your lunch break (I've got my self help books in mind now!) and want to keep embarrassing titles under wraps.

BUT...(and this is a big but)... I just love books! I love seeing them on my (non-virtual) book shelf, I love the feel of opening a new book and seeing how far through your bookmark is (or old Tesco receipt in my case), I love the smell of new books, I love the feeling of accomplishment you get when you reach the last page and more than anything I love the excitement of getting a new book (or 14 if you're lucky).

I'm not saying that electronic books are a bad thing, particularly if they get more people reading. They're just not for me.

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