Tuesday, 6 December 2011

More Christmas decorations

Here is a picture of the Christmas tree in my kitchen!

It has a little battery pack and lights up so looks quite cute! I wanted this one to have multi coloured baubles as the theme in my living room is red and gold. (I have the same every year as I think they are the most Christmassy colours and don't really like the uber fashionable stuff!) Steven added the string of beads as it was looking a little bare and I think it looks good now!

I have two of these birds hanging in my living room.

I love how cute and rustic they are. I got them in a supermarket but wish I had made them myself!

And on a slightly different note, this picture shows the frosty result of someone (who happens to be called Steven!) leaving two cans of lager in the freezer all weekend! I'm glad they didn't explode but also think they look quite seasonal!

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