Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Top ten songs of 2011 : Part 1

After my post about my favourite books of 2011 I thought I should write a post about my favourite songs of 2011 as music is as big a part of my life as books.

I have split this post into two as I am linking the youtube videos for all the songs too.

So this is part one, and in no particular order, here are half of my top ten songs of 2011.

1. Kaskade feat Martina - Fire in your new shoes (Sultan & Ned Shepard Electric Daisy Remix)

2. Chase and Status - Time Feat. Delilah

3. Example - Changed the way you kiss me

4. LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

5. DJ Fresh ft Sian Evans- Louder

I hope you enjoy as much as I have and I will post another five from 2011 tomorrow. x

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