Sunday, 18 December 2011

Vintage decorations

This glass bird was given to me by my grandmother and it was her mother's before that. It's from around the 1920's and has a little metal clip to attach it to the tree. It's so old it has lost the hair that it used to have as a tail and is very fragile. It is my favourite decoration and each year I lovingly wrap it up in tissue to keep it safe. I've seen some similar birds in the shops this year but would never replace my little bird!

This is one of a pair of 1950's trees also given to me by my Nanna. They are both starting to look a little sorry for themselves, but I still love them. I used to work in an open air museum and there was a pair of these trees in the collection there and were used to decorate one of the houses at Christmas time. I was given these as a child to decorate my bedroom, and even though I am now in my mid twenties and own my own house, they still come out every year.

I'm not sure how old this Father Christmas is, but I got him from my Nanna, via my Mum. I used to hang him up in my bedroom at home and he is made of a moulded, hollow plastic. I've now got him hanging up in my kitchen and love the vintage feel that he gives the room. I love old decorations, they somehow feel more Christmassy than new ones. Maybe this is because they remind me of the magic of Christmas as a child.

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